Commbucha Pack of 4 – Ginger buzzer , Love potion , Apricot and Lemon mint basil


Ginger is that superfood ingredient that turns water into to whatever the hell you want it to be. We took this earthy ginger and topped it off with some sweet honey in our Ginger Buzzer kombucha. Like the ally to a superhero, honey took the edge off ginger and blended together to form a soothing, restorative and detoxifying beverage that boosts your immunity and partakes in a cocktail at the same time. Gingertini anyone?

MAVI’s Love potion 66 is a romantic concoction of real blueberries and homemade rosewater. Known for their antioxidant properties, this combination is a real refresher and might remind you of a relaxing evening by the river Danube.

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade or better yet, you ferment it to make a much more potent potion.A twisted Shikanji is what you get when you cross over a probiotic culture with the benefits of good old lemons. Together this makes for a vitamin C rich beverage that aids digestion, keeps your skin glowing and maintains the internal pH balance of your body. The basil and mint add more antioxidants to this blend that helps refreshes the mood and the spirit.

Prunus Armeniaca aka Apricots are not just tasty, but an excellent source of Vitamin A and antioxidants: ingredients necessary for healthy skin and blood. To this is added the magic of cinnamon, one of the most delicious and healthy spices on the planet.MAVI’s Apricot Cinnamon Kombucha helps lowers blood sugar, helps in weight loss and reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer. With its powerful medicinal properties, no wonder it was regarded fit to be a gift for the kings in ancient Egypt.

PlanMyFood’s proprietary algos analyse the quality of every single ingredient and scrutinize the nutritional density across 50 macro and micronutrient data points before allocating a PMF Score (from 0-100). (click here to learn more)
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Kombucha is a 2300 year old concept of naturally carbonated fermented tea which contains probiotics, vitamin B & C and antioxidants and loads of healthy acids and enzymes. It helps in digestion and fighting again, cancer and even the flu by strengthening your immunity. It refreshes you and relaxes you. It has natural flavour through fruit infusion. Free from any preservative or artificial coloring.


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